Dance Artists

Breakdance, Street Dance, Urban Dance. DCT from Berlin, we represent and connect professional dance groups and solo artists.

The group "Roc Kidz Crew" from Switzerland combine breakdance with acrobatic and comedy elements. STX is a worldwide exceptional appearance. His dancing on crutches stays unforgettable. Furthermore you have the choice of famous artists in the range of: Popping, robot dance and locking. Besides the presentation of our exclusive artists on this webpage, we represent further artists from different areas and we continuously find new ones by regularly doing talent scouting.



Music is the pulse beat of a party. With the choice of the right DJs, every event can rise or fall.

Whether for breakdance battles, official events or your private festive party, we can provide the right musical background in old or new school music, funk, disco & soul from the 70s and 80s and hip hop from the 90s up until today. DCT from Berlin coaches and books internationally professional deejays for your event.


Graffiti Art

Hip hop culture becomes an alternative draft to grey cement cities. We give some color back to the world.
Nowadays, street art in Germany is not only art from the underground. DCT has a large assortment network of graffiti artists and designers. Our hip hop agency provides custom design for marketing purposes. Screening pictures, airbrush, campaigns of street art, merchandise articles and many more.
DCT from Berlin coaches and books internationally professional graffiti writers for your project.



May 10 2014

BMW Mini Cooper

Our robot - and electric boogie dancers perform successfully together with playmates at BMW Mini Cube in Berlin.

Nov 22 2013

Adidas Originals

With the vote of the internet, the Roc Kidz Crew won a place in the grand finale of "adidas all originals represent - contest" on the 22nd of November in Berlin and rocked the stage.

Graphic Design
Mar 09 2012


”If you want to start a new life, you have to be ready to give up your old one.“ The 5 Roc Kidz Crew members start their trip in a colorful bus straight to the south. The dancers have cancelled their apartments, leaving their ordinary life and are on the way for new experience and inspiration.

Graphic Design
JAN 04 2012

STX Autobiography & book

STX has the honor as the first German to be a part of the worldwide famous Cirque du Soleil, despite his polio. His autobiography was launched in 2011 and is available in book stores.